Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happens in Egypt

For all my life almost I lived in Egypt, yet after all these years I feel I never reached its heart

Yes we were separated from the heart of Egypt, we never had connections with people like normal people, me and my family were mostly disconnected from life in Egypt

We had our own procedure and our own style, we couldn’t approach people or understand them and in return they couldn’t understand us either.

I am really looking forward to know people more, to know Egypt more from the surface and historical touch I know, history tells you about the body of the country but the soul of it can’t be obtained but by direct contact

On another issue, I got offended much by a recent incident, why do people have double faces? Why do they act with you in a way different from the way they do with you??

Recently, I was offended by being called an idiot by someone who seemed to respect me when we directly contact, why did this someone speak badly about me? What this one knows about me to talk about me in such an aggressive way?

I am used to forgive people, but I can’t forgive to be betrayed easily, and I deeply feel offended, it could be my problem that I trust people easily, or let say that I assume good nature in all creatures.


Sray said...

Assume good nature in all, let that be your default self. But when someone hurts you, first try to see if that person has some reason for it. If not, then it is better to guard yourself against betrayal again. As there is the saying, fool me once, shame on u, fool me once, shame on me...

free soul said...

I do assume good nature in all, but it seems we would better assume the counter

how would life be if we assume bad nature in all persons? I wonder!!

this person won't fool me twice, thank god he saved me from this person and sent to me a sign to watch my back!!

wedad said...

to live better in the next day u need to 1- forgive 2- forget.

i do this day by day :)
so i can feeeeeeeeeeel freeeee
try it
u have a nice blog

LEMNA said...

Actually what all I have done til now, are forgiving and at least trying to forget, but I know how much it hurts, everytime I suffer and... but sth inside is free that I didnn do bad to that person at all,and s/he made everything worse,sometimes it costs aloootttt, in some ways that can never be cured...but still I prefer that...I am crazy I am sure!
Many times many times I guessed myself to change as I know it is not good for myself to be so, but later again the loop starts, I think there is sths in nature of some ppl that cann change, it seems there is a fixed part, for all ppl...
And the sad story is there, when I look deeper I see that a very big amount of ppl(Donn wanna talk about the percent) are bad(sure it depends to the definition of "bad"), but at least unfaithful,unfeeling, doubled faces and...
With this truth it is very hard to live but the world goes on and on...

free soul said...

Wedad, I can forgive and in most cases i can forget, but when it is related to being unfaithful, double faced, the trust falls down and i can never get it back, neither can i forget then

thanks, welcome in my young kid-blog :)

free soul said...

Lemna, yes I do also wonder if this is the right way to live with a mojority of unfaithful persons

but when i compare it with the other option, which is to loose trust in everything and be careful of everybody, this doesn't seem like life to me, this seems like hell

we have to continue then, get hurt and cure our selves until we find the one we share life with, the one that can (in our eyes) fix the percentage of the good people to the bad people

do you know, a single good person brings much hope enough to fix what a 1000 bad one did