Sunday, April 16, 2006

Seed of hate, stories from my past

I am not going to get involved in the current madness running in Egypt; it is painful enough to watch it daily

Yet I wanted to tell you a story that happened to me when I was a kid

I had two friends, Mohammed and Remon, both were very good friends, we were always together like attending lessons together, study together and walk after school together until the driver come to take each of us

Someday Remon got away from us, he was like avoiding meeting me or Mohammed, with the white heart of a kid I couldn’t know why, and he even went away from us in a cruel way

At that time I had no idea of the meaning of a difference, being a Christian or a Muslim was just another meaning for the religion lesson that we move into a separate room and that is all, we never asked or wondered even why!!

A friend of mine came and told me that his family asked him to stay away from me and the other Muslim friends, and the reason was another boy in the group called Yousef, I never liked this guy, even a child could notice he has much evil!!

This was the first time I hit into such a stupid situation, all I can say is that it was cruel and I wondered what kind of parents could do that?

Lately my little niece came to me saying things about “her Christian friend” at school!! I wondered, where did she get that expression, she was talking like understanding there is a great difference, what did put such a seed in her young pure soul??

Sometimes I really thank god I was born for those parents specifically!!


Sray said...

As Karl Marx said: religion is the opium of the masses... religion has often been used in past and present to whip up the mob behavior, where people forget they have a brain and act as murderous sheep... sadly, it is happening more and more often, and with newer technology (internet, SMS), the agents of hate are getting better and better at their purpose... to mobilize more and more people, to hate...

change destiny said...

" Sometimes I really thank god I was born for those parents specifically!! "

Since i've always put the name " free ur soul " as my nickname in chatrooms . I think we both have the same kind of parents .

So just wondering if you ever thought that it would have been much easier if we you were brought up with the kind of parents who think they know absoulutly right from wrong . That way you would be the kind of person who spends his entire life on a track where he thinks he's doing everything right . Aside from the fact that he's a total idiot . He's lead an easy nice life without ever knowing that he is an idiot .

:) i talk too much

LEMNA said...

Religion:))it is a very funny word for me, ppl misuse it veryyyy nice,I have seen it everywhere, that's y i changed my way,I donn have any religion, and donn like to have, it is not needed at all for me, just i got hurt seeing ppl how they make faces with such a thing

wedad said...

I cant let my parents chose my freinds, m3 eno they are always hate my freinds even they are christian, so i chose the best for me :) its wrong to raise ur kid on this way.

free soul said...

Sray, it is not in religion, it is in our sick minds, those who move us to hate won't find a trouble finding a new cause for their madness, race, color or nationality, doesn't matter as much as they can feel the power of being different and try to be above the other kinds

and yes, they are improving, they can move milions in few hours now, thanks to the technology

free soul said...

change destiny, I think of that all the time, I wonder how different would my life be

But honestly, I love myself as it is now, I can't accept to be a copy of the ideas of someone else, the idea its self looks so ugly to my eyes!!

and I sure know that sometimes it is painful, but as much you see the pain, as much the joy has a different taste when it comes although the rare opportunities you have for joy

free soul said...

Lemna, we can't give up every thing that people misues or we will give up nationality, race, love, hate, feeling, and finally religion

religion is not the problem as i told sray, the problem is in the sick minds that will always keep searching for a new motive to move people to hate each other, no matter what the cause is

free soul said...

wedad, you will get shocked to know how many parents raise their children this way in a direct or indirect way, but sadly it happens

phoenician said...

hey free soul ....well i was born for christian mom and muslim father ....and u wanna what happened mom's family didnt like us cuz they consider us muslims and my father's family did the same cuz they always said that we r christian not muslims ....ans i lived my whole life without relatives
this happened in the circule of one small familly it is raelly ((and sorry for saying that )) not shocking if it happenes in the big circule of society

free soul said...

That is because we are mad!! you see, a muslim can accept a bad other muslim (like drinking or stealing) but not a good christian, and it goes the other way too

like what happens when a church is being built, mad people move and make a war while they don't move if a night club is being built instead!!

we are evil but we are covering our evil, that is all

I am really sorry that your family thinks that way, I just hope you don't give them much care and focus on how you consider your self