Friday, March 31, 2006


Yesterday my blog aged its first year!!

I can’t imagine that a whole year has quickly passed since I started blogging online.

when I started my first blog, it was much like talking to myself, just the same as my little diary at home where I keep my thoughts, but like a public one

I was coming out of a strange experience, things were different and by time my point of view was changing, being reformed again

My first friends were Froggy, norhan, lemna and juwaireyah, sorted by the time of their visits.

Blogging introduced me to another world I never had an idea about, to different personalities and different cultures that I didn’t know or accept before, yet the most important thing is that it introduced me to my own self.

Throughout this year, I learned a lot about myself , I learned my weak points and my strength, I sometimes hated myself and some other times loved my identity just until I finally understood “ME” partially enough to live in peace

How many friends did I know? I really can’t count, I can’t count how many times we were different but I know we were loving and we mostly understood our differences and appreciated it.

What did I write about? About life, love, silence, Egypt, myself, my country, my friends, my books and about every single thought that I wanted to share with you, I wanted this blog to be like a window to my soul, a wide window that gets you a look to as much contents of my soul as you want.

A whole year passed and now I am out of power, out of power to talk anymore, the time of silence is approaching, really approaching


Egypeter said...

Hi Free Soul -

I just want to say a couple of things to you, friend. And I am very sincere when I say this.

First of all, elf mabrouk on your blog reaching it's first birthday. I got a chance to check out your writing/thoughts and am very impressed :)

Your thoughts show you to be a decent, open-minded, intlligent young fellow. You speak of "freedom" quite a bit and this is one of the greatest things. I think we share a lot of simillar traits as well...but I'm just a little older than you, I'm 31, and I was lucky to be raised in a "free" country :)
It also appears to me that we are on the same page and that's why I want to apologize to you for our previous arguement on Neferteeti's blog.

I wish that ALL Egyptians and I swear, I don't care if they are Coptic, Muslim, Gypsy or B'ahai or whatever, would work together in a spirit of nationalism, fiendship and brotherhood to make Egypt better. Egypt needs a lot of work and it will only get better if everybody works together. I don't know if this is totally realistic, considering the level of mistrust, but I sure pray and hope for it and I will do so till the day I die.

Anyway, man, I just wanted to let you know how I feel.

Take care and good luck.

Egypeter said...

Hey FS -

Check out this article, I think you might enjoy it. It was written by Mona El-Tahawy, who attended the Washington Conference on Democracy in Egypt. She's awesome. Let me know what you think

free soul said...

My friend,

thanks for dropping by and thanks for the nice words :)

I am glad that is how you feel, I am glad you understand what i want to say

we will reach it only if we work on building this mistrust and learn to spot the real problem, which is not between us together rather than between us and the powers that want to take our rights in a free life regardless of our religious identity

finally, I read the article, and yes I agree with most of it, yet i didn't find the results of this conference, like the proposals to solve the problems we face now

Ok, I must tell you that i am deeply disappointed yet somewhere in my heart, there is still living hope that things could finally be better once

Egypeter said...

Cheers to that!

I've bookmarked your blog so I will be by to visit every now and then if you don't mind! :)

Take care Maged. I'm glad we found common ground. It's sometimes hard to know who you're talking with when you just read little blurbs on blogs, ya know.

see ya

Zeinobia said...

Happy birthday blogger freesoul ,I know how it feels when you see your baby blog is growing up year after year
wa 3obal milliion sana

Sray said...

Happy Birthday :)... hope we get to see many many more years to come... in many ways, our blogs are like our children... they might carry on our spirit when we arent here...

FROGGY said...

Hi Free soul

First congrats and hope u'll celebrate the 10th year :)

I must admit that i got to know u more through ur blog... so also blogging makes us discover about ourselves but also makes us to know people we might already know in real life but not really know, if u know what i mean.

Anyway, maybe we won't have the chance to meet again, but i hope we keep in touch.
take care

free soul said...

zainab, yes it is nice to see it growing, it is now like starting to talk, unfortunately it won't have enough time to talk i guess

sray, yes, it carries part of me, a great part that i couldn't share outside so i created this place for it, i hope it can make you never miss me when i am away

froggy, thanks, I hope we always keep in touch too

Nour said...

Kol sana wel blog w sa7eb el blog tayebeen :)))

Long time no see ya Maged.. Feinak?? :)

free soul said...

thanks nour, enty elly fenek :D

I am here all the time, either on the blog or in my cave, you know the cave address, don't you :) ?

try to write to us more often, I see good people are decreasing from the blogsphere by time, we don't want to loose you :)

wedad said...

and happy late birthday for you

LEMNA said...

Dear Free Soul, It is very nice to celebrate the first year of your blogging, I almost remembered the day but ...
You know sometimes I think that being able to talk or write one's feeling is an honor for him/her, as I see many ppl hide and hide and..come out from their skin the day that it is dead late.. gave me a big big almost biggest gift of my life, a person who means like a world for me, closest one, Dunno whether we will get the chance to meet but still that is a HOPE there in my dead heart...

free soul said...

Lemna, thanks, that is so nice

and yes, me too got to meet wonderful persons i will never forget, and meet aweful persons i will never forget either

but as you said, it is an honor to express what is in my heart and I really enjoyed that much