Monday, April 24, 2006


Few days a go my mom came and asked me, why do I look sad!!

I didn’t know what to say, I finally spoke: “what on earth could make me happy??”

It is enough to listen to the news everyday to get you into deep depression, I don’t know how to express my emotions but it seems like I am lost

It seems the ethics I have has no real meaning, they are nonsense, they don’t have any meaning but in my fake world, but in the real outer world they mean nothing, they don’t exist

Everyday I read the news and it seems like blood falling from the letters if it is not already blood that was used to write those bold bloody headlines, it is not in Egypt only, it is all over the world… something like madness invading the entire universe leaving us in a real trouble

Today I spend long time trying to understand… why??

Why Egypt? Why Sinai?
Why during feasts? Why three times blasts happen in 6/10 (October war) and 23/7 (the revolution) and now 25/4 (Sinai liberation)???

I can’t say I am sorry for those accidents, we are all responsible somehow of such things, we are responsible for the acts that happen because we don’t move a finger to stop it like it is going on in another country, blaming the security for it, damn the security it is our country and if they are not interested to protect it then we should put them aside and handle it.

It is our silence and our “understanding” for violence against civilians in some other parts of the world (like Palestine) that gave those murderers the chance and the reason to make such blasts thinking they are doing the right thing.

Lemna was right when she commented on my topic about fears that the most dangerous fear is the fear of losing the difference between what is right and wrong, that is what drives people that mad and make them commit the most terrible crimes thinking they are just doing a great job!!

What is going in Sinai?? Does any one know what is going on there??

P.S: I meant to put a good happy photo for Dahab, I hope all blogs will not publish the bloody photos, it is painful enough


change destiny said...

what could i say ... happy independence day

Sray said...

There was a day when I used to get dead shocked at such insane killings... not any more... we are getting used to such massacres, we stop, shake our heads in despair, and move on... and that is the saddest part of all...