Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good bye

Tomorrow, I will mostly be on my way to the army, so this is my last day here I guess

It is a good bye then, a good bye for you and for me too, for the character that lived here between you, this character has to move to the shadows now as it will not have a place to live in

I thank the chances that made me make this blog because I got through it to know all of you, some of you became very close friends to me and some even more.

Yet it is time to leave, everything must have a start and an end but believe me, the friendship we had though this place won’t end because it will always last as memories on the internet witnessing the talks we had together on the comments and the chat boxes J

It is time to pack my stuff, wish me luck then



The Eyewitness said...

May God protect you, give you patience, give a good company, and come back safely. Trust me this will be the most effective exprience you will ever go through in you life. Good Luck and we will miss you.

Sray said...

It is time to leave... but just as you looked back on your last one year with fondness, I hope one day we again get to see you here, musing about your experiences in the army... I hope you dont face a clash inside you while you serve, and if you do, I hope it makes you a even better human being. Wish you all the best, my friend.

LEMNA said...

Dear Maged,life is this..going,moving,burning,burning,and burning(as my cute father says),while we look it on the total approach,we find everything peace of it,and nobody knows which was is bigger,better or..not now,never one can is strange and more than that sad...what will happen?!I think many times we have less ctrl on lots of things, so I think just becoming a drop and let it go toward the ocean..while crying,waiting,and not reaching...

For sure,I will miss your presence here and also in my blog,one another day, not much far, we will again sit and think..on new things for that time maybe..Looking forward that day eagerly....Stay safe and happy(even if there is no reason),also in peace...

Egypeter said...

Good luck to you Maged.

I enjoyed reading your blog and I wish you nothing but the very best.


change destiny said...

good luck and hurry back

Nour said...

Rabena m3ak ya Maged..

Don't ever 4get us, & we will be waiting 4 u.. not like we'r goin anywhere y3ny!!

Lilly said...

Good Luck,Be in Allahs care

Ancient Clown said...

Please understand, this has been sent with HOPE FAITH & LOVE...Calling to BE..Warriors.
With FAITH, I HOPE you 'listen' to LOVE.(I define 'LOVE' as GOD in all languages and religions).
I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

Anonymous said...

eye witness, thanks, and yes, it is the most effective experience as it is a very rich one, rich with accidents and rich with different kinds of people

Sray, i can't imagine that i will one day look back and miss these days, yet i don't have much trouble now, i made up my mind that i will make this time pass and try to get the best of it, that is all

thanks for the support guys

free soul said...

Lemna, i can't imagine that i will stop writing for some unknown count of months, but for sure i will keep reading, and will keep commenting on your blog

you are a friend that i don't want to miss and soon i hope we will really have more discussions when i have the time and the ability to write back

free soul said...

change destiny, Nou and lilly

thanks for the wish, It really hurts me to go away but i will keep around your blogs reading and commenting whenever i have time