Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Changing mood

2 days ago, I got some annoying news from work, talks about extra tasks in limited time with a scheduale of the spend-the-night-at-work type!!

yesterday, when i got up I felt like not going, so I stayed in bed for half the day and spent the rest of the day talking with my mom, my brothers all over the world and some friends, i had a large tour online too but all that didn't change my mood from the low mood i had

tomorrow i got tons of things waiting for me, the low mood i have is making me lazy and somehow, not in the best case to work.

lately i noticed that i don't understand either arabic or english talks easily, I started to speak quickly and jump from one topic to another suddenly, my manager had a real problem understanding my design 2 days ago because i was discussing 46 functions at the same time

what is going to me?? I don't know!! :(


Sray said...

try to take a long lonely walk down the road in the dark... think over your priorities in life, what u wanna do and wanna reach.... feel how lucky u are that u have friends and family at ur easy grasp... and... just be yourself.... all these will pass, believe me, they will...

Sameh Ragheb said...

I managed to get over such cases. Your condition is due to two things. You are totally responsible of the first and MAY BE responsible of the second.
First, everyone of us has a hidden Coward in himself, when you are loaded you just run away, you stay in bed, you take no action. I don't claim I managed to kill this Coward in me but at least I managed to make him live with me but outside me, this lets me take actions, sometimes the action is to beat this coward, sometimes it is moving fast towards the solution so as to minimize the time I am loaded. The best solution is just "Kill him".
Second, I know your age, it is the same as mine. Both of us suffers the same thing. It is emotional leisure. Emotionally we have no motive. You may be ignoring that but it is a fact, we need someone, we need that "only one". I for myself really looks for her but till now........

Kill your Coward. Try to find your special someone. Everything is good. May Allah will.

free soul said...

Part of the problem is for my heart and my mind empty of important thigs, like love or goals

but there is some other thing missing that i can't find.. may be as sray said, I need to appreciate what I achieved a little