Friday, March 24, 2006

The prom

Yesterday was the prom day of our faculty, a lot of my co-workers went to attend, it was a special day

Two things I must note here, I wasn’t supposed to attend because I graduated with grade “good” and this prom is for those graduated with grade “very good” or higher

Yet I asked myself, if I was to attend, would I ?

I believe such moments were made to share, happiness can’t live in one heart, it actually lives between hearts.

While I don’t have anyone to share this moment with it would be totally useless to attend, I reviewed my attitude when I didn’t attend the other old prom that was made the last year for all of us regardless of the grade, I found that I was totally right

It is not a happy moment to live your happy moments alone, that is all I can say for sure.


Anonymous said...

How free are you in Egypt? Are other religions, genders and sexualities treated equaelly? Is the press run independantly or is it run by the state?

Phantom of the Blog said...

so u didnt go?

free soul said...

Nop :(

free soul said...


I am free not because others let me, but because i let myself... don't wait for it, go for it

yet care for that... having the freedom gets you to understand, if you understand more than what you can handle or solve, you will burn down

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

:) :)
aho ham w enza7 bardo ya free ;)

for me college sucks bgd :S

free soul said...

lasto, before it is too late try to understand that you got to live this period.. so live it well, have fun of each second and at the same time care well for your study for that your destiney is set to be an engineer from now

it is not bad to be an engineer ,actually it is great as long as you get to do something effective and useful so prepare yourself for that

you will sometimes need to do some extra work so that to keep up while the faculty will sometimes have shortage, ok, take the resp and do it

FROGGY said...

btw it was so borinnnnnnnnnng and so long

LEMNA said...

Do whatever you enjoy, these days as it is holiday here I enjoy to snuggle in the bed!

Zeinobia said...

it is the first time to hear that proms are only for very good or excellent !!
I remember my prom last year , we all attended it even from other years
I know what you mean coz I also somehow expressed it as I was so depressed at that time "well I am still so " that I decided not to go but I changed my mind and went and even I felt that I was alone yet I found some friends to share this loud night with
I agree with you 100% it is not a happy moment to live your happy moments alone

free soul said...

Lemna, thanks for passing by, I am having hard time at work, yet i reserved my self a period of time before i go to the army to make a tour, I want to spend some good civilian life before i move to military life

zainab, yes I understand what you say, and yes i know many of the guys in there but truely, neither of them is close enough to me to feel the moment, I so felt so down at the following day, yet i moved on quick, may be after i got good words from somebody at work about the students of the lab, it made me feel like my life was somehow useful