Thursday, April 05, 2007

The lost feelings

it started long ago when I found out that i can't feel the pain, i don't mean feelings pain, I do mean physical pain, getting hurt and cut in my body couldn't be sensed !! years passed and I got used to discover wounds in my body by chance after they bleed for long without me feeling a thing!!

few days ago i felt something in my leg, i checked to find a deep hole in my leg, i don't know how it did happen but it seems that something went through my leg and came out again from the same entry leaving a deep and a little wide hole

it reminded me of a similar thing when i got up to find out that i had a cut in my leg of about 8 cm long , blood all over my clothes and not knowing how it happened


losing the feeling of pain may be something simple compared to losing the feel of happiness, since a while i lost the sense of happiness, the things that used to make me happy can't thrill me any more, it seems that i forgot how to be happy too


LEMNA said...

:(((((((((((((((..dunno how to say....damn this tongue...recently when ever you write, when ever I read I feel like sb has written out things from my brain and heart...the same with me here...the same with my paa...big wound on the leg and no sense..chest disorder and no sense...mostly big big big wounds on the heart and even brain and still I am alive..but dunno why...why?

freeSoul said...

We seem to have much similarities my dear friend, things you say and write finds its way deep to my mind and soul, i feel what you write and many times feel like you are not speaking about you only, you are speaking about me too

I am happy you are alive and fine although all those wounds, you are important to many of us, remember that always !! :)