Friday, April 20, 2007

Smart enough? Solve this !!

A merchant was in debt for an old ugly man, the old man asked the poor merchant for his money or his daughter to be his wife

The poor man and his daughter were in trouble, the old man then suggested that god could give them the answer, he suggested to pick two small rocks, one black and the other one is white, put them in a bag

The girl then will be asked to pick one of the two rocks, the white one means she is free of the marriage and her father free of his debt, the black one frees her father from the debt yet she has then to marry the old man

When they came to the selected place, the old man picked two rocks and put them in the bag, the poor miserable girl noticed that he picked TWO BLACK rocks, if she refuses to pick one he will send her father to prison, she can’t either uncover that he is cheating because she can’t guarantee his response

If you where in her place, what would you do ?

P.S : If you know the story don’t answer it, just use your mind if you don’t know it, traditional ways mostly won’t lead to a good answer

Try not to be cough cheating from the old man or else, you will have to marry the old man :D

It is simple, but a little tricky

Good Luck


Phantom of the Blog said...

i would probably do one of the following (this is just a guess)

(a) kill myself
(b) marry him to get my dad out of debt and then divorce him really fast
(c) marry someone else really fast so i cant
(d) try to get him arrested
(e) be like can we switch the meanings of the riock

i dont know! that was hard!

LEMNA said...

The previous reply's part "a" I really liked:))
I would ask the old man to show inside the bag to my father,or any other one who is there and then i will mix and pick one!
If this won't work out I will marry to make my father free from debt...

freeSoul said...

Why everyone who knows me have this "a" choice?? Am I a very harmful person this way!!

this question has no specific answer because it is simply a real story (or at least that is what is said about it)

you can come up with your solution, and the real girl came up with the solution that saved her too, i will post it soon

Shara said...

Late reply but the answer is simple, I would take a stone out, and accidentally Drop the stone I have. Which would leave 1 stone. The Old man, "he suggested to pick two small rocks, one black and the other one is white, put them in a bag" so the one in the bag Must be the opposite of the one I picked up.

In colusion we would have to look in the bag, and see it is black, and the one i chose must of been white, and my dad and I would walk free =)