Friday, April 27, 2007

Horizontal vs vertical thinking

Ok, vertical thinking is the way we all know, givings and work on those givings lead to findings

on the other hand we must admit that most of great findings were somehow found by chance, or at least before they come to the light there was no real basis for them before a genuis mind could reveal them

this is what is known as horizontal thinking, it is the way in which you are not tied to the well known basis of some matter, your mind is open to start from any brand new start, make a revolution at any time on the current theories and make up your own, even if it looks and tastes wrong, you start testing it and if it works , yooha, if not then you learn at least from the experience

they said before the invention of the radio that it won't go far a way, they were basing this on real strong basis that radio waves move in direct lines, but testing succeeded, why ?

simple because they didn't know -and the one who made the test didn't know either- that some parts of earth air can reflect certain radio frequencies!!

horizontal thinking is like digging in the desert,. when you have difficulty in one hole you just desert it and make a brand new start in another location, while vertical thinking insist on being committed to the well defined basis and try to make the hole deeper and deeper

From a book by Edward De Bono


ensana said...

Interesting!! I've been digging in the desert for some time and having read that, I will share with you my findings and would love to know what you think.. I will send them in private emails..

freeSoul said...

I am still waiting for your opinion and will love to hear it really

LEMNA said...

Not much easy to start digging another place...and just forget about the other least for me..

freeSoul said...

yes, it is hard for everybody to desert all what he already has and start digging in another mysterious location, measure that to work, to thoughts and even to love

but we really need to have this courage, some of the time, not all of it, to be able to make clean starts

LEMNA said...

Sometimes...I think it is better to try to make the previous hole nice...

freeSoul said...

yes my friend, sometimes it is wise to go on and complete the work done to its perfection, some other times we need to review the whole situation and decide to start a clean new start

If only could know when to use which way of them !!