Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rachel Corrie

23, a little younger than me, away from home and friends

Made of those people her family, her new friends, lived like them, ate their food and slept in their homes

Played with their kids, suffered their sufferings and had even their own nightmares

She said once in one of her letters to her mothers that she was having nightmares of bulldozers and tanks out of her own house… to that much she shared their feelings, she shared them their destiny

The smile on her face, the simple look in her eyes, you can see her transparent soul through her smiling eyes, with her weak body she stands full of trust and faith against evil, against terror and hate

Rachel stood against the bulldozers and tanks.. They moved but she stood still, afraid but strong, weak but confident

She stood still while they moved closer and closer, the shouts of her friends and companions didn’t prevent them from doing their crime

Rachel Corrie’s body was crushed by the bulldozer of the IDF in 16-3-2003... Stepped over her body, for a while it seemed like he is going to proceed his nasty work over her body, then he moved back... Back on her body

Dying in hospital between Palestinians, away from her home and family between those who she has chosen to share destiny with

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