Friday, May 04, 2007

"Time" out of time

3 days ago I got up from my afternoon asleep with a strange idea, in few minutes i got my bag and my stuff and left for Alex

when I arrived to the station, it was just 5 mints before the train moves so it was few seconds after i reached then i was on my way

I didn't invite anyone with me, didn't call anyone BEFORE I go, i delayed that to call my friends from the train telling them that i will spend sometimes alone in alex

in Alex, I met one of my very dear friends that I haven't seen from quite a while, we spent sometime together but the rest of the time was spent by me alone , which was something I really needed a lot

setting by the rocks in the middle of the sea, away from everything that might ever be called a "shore" , away from humans from any kind I could have peace with my entity, I could reorder the small pieces of me and try to see a different Pict for them

48 hours and I took my last tour taking the good bye photo shown here, with the promise of many returns for such a fool action.

P.S: I went and returned using the same train and same carriage and even same seat number, all by chance because I never book my tickets on advance, weired , isn't it?


Noblese said...

Hi, I came to your blog by chance and loved this post very much. I loved the spontaneous trip to Alex and back. And the picture says it all. That's my tendency at the moment to just leave and go somewhere at a sea and enjoy the time alone.
Nice blog too by the way.

LEMNA said...

I like fool actions if this is one and used to do such things from 6-7 yrs ago...being alone is so nice to me sooooooooooo nice.....

freeSoul said...

Lemna, being alone is different from being lonely!!!

why did you stop doing such fool acts now, they are helpful really, the last time i did the same was 6 months ago when I decided to go to the north coast at 1 pm and i was already there few hours later with 5 of my friends all gathered with the same way, was a very good unplanned time :)

freeSoul said...


Thanks for your visit and your nice comment

it is great to run away to your self sometime, isn't it?