Friday, June 01, 2007

40 years after 1967

Just starting early this year, can I make a call for all of us to take an hour a day for the following few days until the 5th of june comes to read about this war?

can we dedicate a little portion of our future to review our past so that we might, i say we might learn something that may be of great importance one day ?

can we dedicate some small part of our busy lives for those who lost their lives not even knowing why and how ? can we?

can we forget our differences a little, christian, muslim, shiie, liberal, ekhwan or whatever and remember that bullets never looked for a name or religion?

can we ? simple test it is but will be do it?


al arabiya


Egyptian POWs

BBC news on the 5th of june


LEMNA said...

Was on a peaceful.... trip also others tried to disturb it...and some succeed..sometimes I think I need to run away from everybody and just dc from all the world for sometime, letting them to think and me...Can they think???
People are that much busy with the daily matters, money, job and... that they can not find time to think about some dead simple issues...other people...They just go on with what they want...their needs has disturbed others...

freeSoul said...

my friend, you need to be a little more selfish and stop being very sensitive, being a sensitive soul is a sin in the world of today, you then get hurt all the time

when you pay too much care you get too much hurt, try to put filters on your heart, decide what to accept and what to ignore, i know it is not as simple as it looks but I am just like you, hurt and trying

LEMNA said...

Huh... I hoped I could do it..have been trying for a long time..will try more...