Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pessimisim group

Ok, the idea is simple, me and some of my friends started to notice how we have a different look on the world, more specific a pessimistic look

I was discussing with one of my pessimistic friends about creating a group to gather us and speak about our different ideas, all in a pessimsitic frame, what do you think guys?

I believe if we grow in number we can get a good deal with a hit man to take over our mission and finish our bad luck, side benefits from the group :)



LEMNA said...

I am here to join this group, but the thing is I do not think my bad luck can be stopped..

tweetan said...

wat will happen if we didn't find that hitman that will finish everything !!!

freeSoul said...

the last thing i would promise you my dear friend lemna is that this group will help us overcome our bad luck :(

ok, but we might share ideas and know more about the negative and positive sides of being a pessmistic person, may be the things that we will say to each other on such a group will be really fun

ok , any suggestion where to make our group :D ??

P.S : I am serious, i want to make this group !!

freeSoul said...

Tweetan, the first time for you in my blog happens to be in the pessimisim group!!! I wouldn't recommend this start

By the way, still waitting to see your own blog, don't forget to invite me to be the first to see it ;)


LEMNA said...

My friend...days are so empty..exams have started, the first one was the worst I could ever give... all ppl showed their true faces the recent days and hrs before my exam and the only thing i ask is why?!How can some ppl have this much stupidity???? The first thing we need to learn in this group I think is, how to be ppl donn return to you as you have acted with them.. they go on the way their needs move them...
About the group place,I really donn like it to be so public..just any one you propose..and some place that the access is easier..

ensana said...

Forming this group will confirm your pessimistic ideas and lives and will bring you more of it.. Haven't you watched the movie "The Secret"?
It talks about the law of attraction, with your bare hands you can make your life miserable and with the same hands you can make your life a joy.. My life is a joy and I'm all ready to help you enjoy your lives as well..

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