Friday, September 29, 2006


Today is my birthday

How different it is from the last one I had, and how different I become during this year!!

I dare to say I got to know myself more during this year, more than anytime else... may be because I had the most beautiful times and most hard times all my life during this year, may be because I am growing up, becoming more and more independent of my fancy life and my fancy thoughts I had during my past life

This time the birthday seems different, smells different and tastes different

Gloomy a little, knowing the fact that I have to spend another 2 birthdays in the service , tasting different knowing that I will spend it in the desert, in the complete darkness with the people but totally alone

Even different because it is my first in Ramadan, different because I will spend it away from home, away from the whole city

Different because I can’t think of the past or the future, they all seem like a bottleneck now for me, all I think is how to cross this bottleneck and return to the open air again to breath… breath freely

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The running shadow

In an open area like the desert, when a small cloud covers the face of the sun it leaves a matching area of shadow on earth

Because the whole area is open you can see the shadowed area, as the cloud moves, the shadow runs towards/from you in a sight that you don’t see often

It was a lovely experience to see the shadow moving fast on the hills and the sand around in the open desert, another view I won’t forget easily

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Don't Turn around

Sometimes we have to make a check point, where we review our relationships.

Some relations aren’t supposed to go on, they last few days, months or even few years but finally, it isn’t meant to last, it is not well based and so it can’t survive.

It needs lot of courage to understand that, more courage to achieve the break and much more courage to maintain this decision.

It is hard to break a relationship, you always have fears; the fear that you might be wrong, the fear of loneliness, the fear of the other side reaction and the mysterious fear of the unknown future.

Yet it has to be done!!

We must at some point say enough and turn around, never look back again.


“Don’t turn around now, you may see me cry” from “just walk away” song for celine dion.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Which one?

While i was playing in my files, i found this photo, the date is wrong on it, it is about 15 years ago, so can you guess which one is me ? :D