Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Don't Turn around

Sometimes we have to make a check point, where we review our relationships.

Some relations aren’t supposed to go on, they last few days, months or even few years but finally, it isn’t meant to last, it is not well based and so it can’t survive.

It needs lot of courage to understand that, more courage to achieve the break and much more courage to maintain this decision.

It is hard to break a relationship, you always have fears; the fear that you might be wrong, the fear of loneliness, the fear of the other side reaction and the mysterious fear of the unknown future.

Yet it has to be done!!

We must at some point say enough and turn around, never look back again.


“Don’t turn around now, you may see me cry” from “just walk away” song for celine dion.


LEMNA said...

Don't turn around never,you will see me crying for ever...

Ensana said...

True.. sometimes we take things for granted.. but things and relationships aren't for granted.. If we turn around from those we're supposed to turn around from, we let the chances for life to open up in different directions..