Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Back to life !!

Five years from now, I was a different person, I was active, hard working and I used to write
I was a good writer, I won a few competition, actually , I won every competition I applied for even those of age ranges higher than mine.
That was because I used to write from my soul, I was full of life, full of freedom, I was really a free soul

In the last five years ,I kept considering myself dead, yes just dead, I stopped writing, I stayed in pain, sad most of the time, I was negative and I can't describe what I have been like more than saying I was really dead.
My friends kept considering me successful, as I passed my exams, learned programming and become quite an expert, I teach in the faculty and many other fake reasons!!

when you loose your way, when you can't feel loving hearts, when you loose the well to get up everyday, when you loose the motive to go on in life, then you are just dead like me, you have just lost your soul !!!

A few weeks ago, I got back to life again, I chosen that I have wasted enough time , I will be myself again, I managed to restore good part of me, I am still trying for the rest hope you all help me return the one I used to be, just another free soul !


FROGGY said...

Hi, i like checking blogs so whenever i see a link, i just go and see..
i like urs, i know it is still at the beginning but i like what u r saying. it's true, being at the faculty kills a lot of things, but the important is to try to survive that with the less possible casualties.
anyway i just wanted to congratulate u about this blog (i know that cos when i created mine, i was eager to know what it the other's opinions even if i write just for writing).

free soul said...

Thanks, you can't image how I was pleased to read your comment!!

I have to admit that you are right, I should have managed my problems in a better way in order to minimize the casualties, but unfortunately, I didn't do that, I just hope now this couldn't just be a lesson to me, but to others too, that is what I am trying to do, to make others understand the problem, find a better way from the one I did

Thanks again, I really needed the comment :-)

FROGGY said...

you are welcome.
it is never too late :)