Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 harvest

Yesterday I had a long break at work, I got out & started to hang out through smart village streets, the weather was sunny and great and I was totally alone there.

I remembered then it was the last day in the year, memories started to come and it was like the year harvest is being concluded…

I was like: “Man… this year sucks!!!”

Through 2008 I had my hardest time in the army, too many problems & so much pressure & I started again to smoke, by the mid of the year I started to collapse under the pressure of the army stuff and my night job… I could barely have time to think or sleep or eat… most of my meals were junk food and on a hurry to get back working.

In 2008 I had mixed emotions that I failed to understand & made my biggest mistake ever: I broke the heart of the nearest person to me!

Few months before the end of the year, I got laid off from work, I became jobless for the first time in my life, and things seemed unclear…

By the end of the year I got very sick, I kept taking medicine for 2 months and up to this moment I am still affected by this problem and still can’t live a normal life although pretending to do.

Trying to find another job wasn’t that pleasant, I lost my confidence in many persons when I started to realize they are not that good, they were playing dirty games with me and I was like “the idiot trusting person”, I even though of changing my career completely and was almost about to do it before I found my current job!

Very amazing year… huh? Full of wonderful stuff!!

Looking on the empty half of the cup? Let’s be honest, the cup was almost completely empty this year!!

But to be honest there was something through out this year that tells me I won’t fall down, In every trouble I had I was saved by something like a miracle, in the right time something happens to save me and get me out of some trouble and I was like: “I must be really lucky”

But I understand it wasn’t about luck at all, it is all about god, support from god got me out of horrible troubles in the army and through many other problems, it was like god sending me a message not to despair, to hang in there and keep fighting.

I am happy 2008 ended, took with it lots of memories that I will remember and will hate to do that, will always feel sorry and regret for many mistakes, but I must look forward to the new year now, I still have a whole new year to correct my mistakes in I guess

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Ahmad Tarek said...

I hope you a good year but you have to clean your mind first.

I think you have to look to the full half not the empty one ;).