Monday, February 11, 2008


my friend, who is very liberal & believes so much in individual personal rights believes that abortion should be rightfull

she claims the following: if the little foetus is a complete human and have the full right to live then who gave him the right to be a parasite on another human not accepting his presence inside??

I don't see it like this, if you are in a ship and you accept to transport someone in the sea then in the middle of the sea you changed your mind and don't want him in anymore, do you have the right to drop him in the water by the claim that you own the ship & you don't want him inside ? Obviosly not !!

it is much the same, for all men & women, if you only want sex then for gods sake use protection & if you don't use it then you have implicitly accepted the possibility of having a new creature , a new independent creature that has the right to live & nobody on earth has the right to abort his life !!


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