Friday, January 04, 2008

In 2007

Lately I was in one of my deepest depressions, I thought with the start of a new year to think about where I am now and where I have been, may be this could change my mood and make me understand how much gifted I am and how much better from many others in similar situations

those were my gift and with lists in 2007, the order is not significant at all, it is just the order of writing them down on papers and have no importance

Wish list:

1- get a job

2- finish my masters

3- get a car

4- get a new laptop

5- love

6- make new friends

7- return to cairo

8- travel with friends to some place nice

9- leave the army

10- get cured from something personal

gift list:

1-got new friends [thanks you guys :) ]

2-got a car

3- got a new great job that i really love with ppl that i really love and respect

4-returned to cairo and spent all the year there

5- travelled with friends twice

6- feel like totally cured from that thing that was in my heart and my soul

7-found mind & soul matches [a rare thing these days]


MechanicalCrowds said...

gotta leave something for 2008 dude!

freeSoul said...

No worry, I got tons of things still for 2008, This time I will write them down from now and see what comes at the end of the year

Welcome in my small corner of my soul

LEMNA said... year?..what is the difference with the last or next one?we see new things, do we learn? odd experiences...