Friday, May 04, 2007

"Time" out of time

3 days ago I got up from my afternoon asleep with a strange idea, in few minutes i got my bag and my stuff and left for Alex

when I arrived to the station, it was just 5 mints before the train moves so it was few seconds after i reached then i was on my way

I didn't invite anyone with me, didn't call anyone BEFORE I go, i delayed that to call my friends from the train telling them that i will spend sometimes alone in alex

in Alex, I met one of my very dear friends that I haven't seen from quite a while, we spent sometime together but the rest of the time was spent by me alone , which was something I really needed a lot

setting by the rocks in the middle of the sea, away from everything that might ever be called a "shore" , away from humans from any kind I could have peace with my entity, I could reorder the small pieces of me and try to see a different Pict for them

48 hours and I took my last tour taking the good bye photo shown here, with the promise of many returns for such a fool action.

P.S: I went and returned using the same train and same carriage and even same seat number, all by chance because I never book my tickets on advance, weired , isn't it?