Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A boat trip

days ago, while setting on the cafe me and my friends we got bored,
so a crazy idea came to our minds and we took the cars, and drove directly to it

someone on the nile of maadi, I stopped the car and we went to the nearest shop,
we got the pepsi and stuff and headed to a small boats port on the nile

there we met “3aaam hassan”, the old “marakby” -sailor- from aswan
we picked an old wind boat.. a one called “el hoot”, it was like part of history
with its old flags ...

we went deep in the nile, with the wind getting stronger..
the man thought we are of the traditional kind so he tried to put some songs on,
we stopped him, we appreciate silence and peace in this wonderful weather,
with the black sky, black waves of water and the spots of lights from both sides

I lied on the top of the boat on my back, watching the sky and breathing..
not thinking of anything, work, army, my past wounds or my current wounds..
i could for a while get out of all this and have my self some real peace..
like the silence and calm around me could somehow get inside me

I believe this effect wouldn't be if it was a big engine boat,
or if there was any kind of music in the background,
i guess silence is the masterpiece of all music


غجرية said...

am glad u could steal those moment my friend
i hope things r better now

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

such moments must be stolen from one time to another ... it is good to have this peace with yourself , don't think, don't solve , don't do anything else.

and what makes it better that it was spontaneous.

try to eliminate you pains ya maged we isA rabbeya hay3awwad sabrak kher !!

LEMNA said...

Good that finally you got some time to spend for yourself...I am still wandering around...Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..I want ittttt..