Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Car accident

Today my car had its first accident, although it was a minor accident and had no effect on my car but i was really upset because I got it few weeks ago and I care a lot for my stuff

But what surprised me how the other driver was so scared of me!! I was mad but I am a peaceful man, I don't look like a red deamon when I am angry I mean, and at that point I figured out why he was scared!!

I was in the military uniform.. ppl have high sensitivity from military persons , and I didn't like that, although I know that ppl are more comfortable with armed forces from their freelings with the police but I didn't like to be scared off because of my suit , this wasn't for my pride at all

Ok, the accident left a small scar on my car that will live for a while now i guess :(


LEMNA said...

Many times people pay attention to the very out cover of things....not just the military suit many other things too... and that leaves big big scars on the soul and heart...

freeSoul said...

because we see by our eyes not our hearts !!
if you can shut your eyes down for a while, you might get the chance to have the light reach your heart

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

mish hat2adar 2emet el 7ekaya de gher law kont labes malaky