Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I though a lot before starting to write this…

Trying to evaluate my past year was a very hard task, if I let my self go with my emotions

I would give a black judgment on the year

After another deep look I understand that it wasn’t my best year, yes for sure, but it was a very important year of my life, a friend of mine sent me a site taking about year cycles and relating it to the date of birth and something like that, although I don’t believe in that stuff yet I spent time reading what the site estimated about my 2006 and what it predicted about 2007

Somehow what I read triggered something in me, in 2006 I had a disease that I suffered a lot from, a disease in my soul, not in my body

The hardest disease is the one your soul loves and wishes to keep, it is now a real fight with your own soul to help it while it lies accepting its problem and unwilling to fight against it, it was a hard time and a zillion times I felt like no way .

But at someday I woke up and it was gone, my fierce fighting was over and it was gone, I know it left scars all over my soul yet what matters is that it is gone now

For days I felt it like a hand catching my soul, squeezing it hard and cold, it prevented me from opening my heart for others, from telling them what I feel or feeling what they tell

In 2006 I had many changes, many rises and many falls but between them what affected me is what I tell you know; it is the soul that matters at the end.

Do you want to know what the site told me?

It told me that 2006 witnessed lots of endings and major changes, and a new startup, it told me that during 2006 I had the deepest hard feelings but I have to let all go now, or that is what happened in 2006, telling that 2007 would witness a new rise and a brand new life, I hope they are right then!!


amazing_angel said...

it is my first visit to ur blog ..but i really liked it..especially this essay .the soul is part which we can't ever controll and here is the problem!!just go on fighting it.

Anonymous said...

Nice ..
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Ensana said...

:) Wishing you a real new rise in 2007 and a bran new life:)

LEMNA said...

:(( just got to cry.......
Are you sure it is gone???
I always feel the same in such situations....I prefer to think nothing is missed... against the truth....I hope your new 2007 year will open new windows to the life for can not do the same for me....

ensana said...

It will not do the same for you if you think it can not do the same for you..