Friday, October 13, 2006


When she looked at me deep in my eyes I understood that she now understood

The question in her eyes was clear, she feels the difference but don’t know why

As I didn’t tell her the reason in the begging I couldn’t tell her the reason at the end!!

Inside me I knew the reason: my dear... In the past you used to occupy a great area of my heart, now you just occupy a similar area but in my mind only... Without you there my heart is empty and gloomy!!

Years passed over that scene yet I still remember it, where are you now my friend and what life did with you??


change destiny said...

fragile memories .. a bit painful ..

Anonymous said...

They say that thoughts are shadows of feelings..So if she occupies a great area in your mind,then this is only the shadow of what you feel.. Life is strange,we keep caring even if we don't want to..

LEMNA said...

Just the life...dunno why it should be soooo.... very niceee my friend:) I am happy to find a person with similar experiences...those that I can not write about in my blog:)