Thursday, July 06, 2006

Parents act

For the second time I meet the same problem, with a different friend this time!!

Parents all the time feel like they own us, yes sometimes they feel like we are idiots and they are responsible for handling everything even if this will hurt us or corrupt the way of life we want to have

The story was the same but with a harder way, his mother got him an apartment to get married in but at the first problem she said this is her money and she wants to take it back!!

This time his mother did it with him while he was away in the army, the world turned black in his eyes, what will he do or say to his fiancée, this is crazy!!

I couldn’t help this friend much, I was feeling very sorry for him and I thanked my self because I refused similar offers from my family many times, when I am ready to go I will go on my own alone.

Why could a mother do such a thing to her son while he is away from her in the desert!!!


wedad said...

I can know what this feeling like !!
sometimes i realy got angry from what my parents doing, or saying..

change destiny said...

mmm... it gets me angry

god bless him n give him patience

free soul said...

the same story all the time, either you follow us or you are totally on your own!!

i am glad anyway that few days ago he told me his problem was finally solved, he is a new dear friend to me

LEMNA said...

Hey man you are here! I am dead happy for that!!you cann believe!
Being independence has been the best feeling I have ever had, even from parents, I refused a lot from them too, sure I have lost lots of opportunities but I am happy..

free soul said...

yes my dear friend, you loose some stuff but you win your own freedom.. you don't have to follow their way because they can't force you and this leaves just love as the only relationship that could be between you and your parents, no materialisic stuff in between

you know, especially after i joined the army and left my work they started to puch on to assist me in marriage and stuff, i was pretty clear with them that i have my own plans and i won't accept help from anyone.. that is better for me i believe