Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the lost feeling

you come back with a milion thing to do, a milion buddy to meet and thousands of plans

your mind keeps jumping from this to that, you keep your eyes on the watch and feel time moving very fast...

at the end you discover that all the few things you could catch from your plans were meaningless and without real feeling, you spoiled them by paying much attention to the moving time... didn't give them what you should to really have them

that is what happened to me up to now, i need to focus on something and drop many others or else, i will loose everything


The Eyewitness said...

The skill I improved most during my military service is the different ways I developed to count time periods to make them seem longer sopmetimes and shorter the other times.

LEMNA said...

This is what always happens...dead sad but the truth.. dead meaningless..

free soul said...

eyewitness, i totally understand what you mean :D

that is our best practise there how to change the defintion of days and weeks to make them seem like a small thing, and how to redefine them during our vacations :)

lemna... starting from this time i decided to do whichever comes on my head without much regarding the time left, this helped me to have more fun during very small period (1.5 day) up to now