Sunday, June 22, 2008


Experience , I always thought that you could handle different experiences, struggle & get through, but ....

Wrong, wrong, wrong !!!

the negative experience that you struggle & try as much as possible to get through without being affected, without your soul gets infected is a big illuision.

there is no such a thing like negative experience, nor a positive one, there is experience and over...

what makes it negative or positive is your act regarding it, you can find in what looks like the most negative experience, i say you can find lots of positive sides!

also consider it, as long as you look at the negative sides , fear it , care for it you will always be defending, running from it & this who runs can't see his road well & he will miss each positive side on his fake struggle to make it out, and believe me you can't make it out clean!!

you can't for that there is nothing that pass by us without leaving effect, what you have done is just blocking each chance to be affected by the positive sides & finally fall in the negative side ...

Think positive, act positive for that there is nothing real out there other than what we make of it..


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