Friday, August 25, 2006

The "real" change

As long as we are alive, it is never too late to make any "real" thing.

Nothing can stop you, not even time, because real things doesn't rely on non-real things and time is not a real thing, it is just the way we describe things change in the materialistic life

Real things is the things inside, materialistic changes are just the way real changes show up in life

Real things can't be touched or seen, love is a fact yet you can't touch it, materialistic things are not real because they depend on the way you look at it that varies from person to another


Maiden said...

True, Love is fact that we cannot feel nor touch... Because love is not a feeling nor a is simply the actions we do for the people we care about and just like death that's the annoying fact of life. :)

free soul said...

not exactly, what I meant is that the only thing well defined is the concept, we all understand and feel what beauty is, but when we see something, someone will say it is beautiful some others will say no

beauty is the fact, its impact on things is just the shadow of the truth, so it is not perfectly true.

love is true, because it is one of the basic concepts life is based on

Ensana said...

Free soul, I very highly recommend reading "Life After Death" book by Deepak Chopra.. The book is AMAZING:) It talks about the soul. It talks about life, death and life after death.. Don't know if you are interested! But I am in love with the book!!
Mentioning that time is unreal reminded me of it.. :)