Saturday, July 03, 2010

To get over something

To get over something you need many things, if you miss any of them, then this thing/event will remain inside you for so long, will leave a scar that can't be removed not even by time

firstly, you need to understand what happened, if there is something pending, something unresolved, it will keep like a trigger, and endless pain, a reminder that can't be shutdown that keeps your mind busy with questions like, why and how !!?

secondly, you need acceptance, to understand that things that ended would have ended whatever you would have done, it was destined to end and you can't reverse the universe time... you must accept that life won't always go the way you want it to go, that ppl may be different than what you thought them to be and that you still have things to learn about life... if you don't have acceptance you live in denial, and living in denial is not living at all.

finally you need a decision to continue living, to avoid fear and really move on with your life, to know that failure is just another fact of life, a step before success, a state that should never be endless unless we loose the hope and the well to change it... to know that we will always have more chances and that life would never stop sending us more changes and blessings...

I know the rules, I know all of them, yet I still find it extremely hard to apply them on some case I met, the reason is because of the first rule that I still can't apply... some issues stayed unresolved, some questions stayed inside me open and couldn't find a chance to ask them and get back answers from life, i am trying to avoid the questions, trying to convince myself that whatever the answer will be it won't change the fact that it is over, yet it is still so hard to get over this while i have these buggy questions in my mind like burning ashes in my brain!!